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Is when you read something, see something or hear something and know in your heart, that this was meant just for you from God. Come with me and experience the abundant Peace, Joy & Love that comes from accepting Jesus into your heart. God's marvelous artwork can be seen through the images of the many beautiful places The Lord has created for us in my "iLOVE"  photography Book.


Is the most healing force in the world; nothing goes deeper than Love. It heals not only the body, mind, but also heals the spirit. IF ONE CAN LOVE THEN ALL ONE'S WOUNDS DISAPPEAR. THEN ONE BECOMES WHOLE-AND TO BE WHOLE IS TO BE HOLY.

Beautiful, Uplifting & Inspiring Christian Photography Book
With More Than 350 Quotes, Scriptures, and Poems...

Four Scenes

"I am love, I am peace, I am forgiveness, I am kindness and compassion.
I see beauty in all things and all people, and I appreciate each moment of each day to the fullest; iLove..."

Come with me - Christian Books Online

And travel around the world without leaving home with the photography Book "iLOVE". It will offers Godly wisdom in more than 350 quotes, scriptures, and poems that were inspired by the abundant joy and love that you can experience after becoming a born-again Christian.

Stunning Locations

This Book consists of an amazing collection of original photographs taken in peaceful locations around the world. The beauty of these images is combined with inspirational writings I have collected from family, friends & acquaintances over the years. From diving in the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica and Hawaii and the Red Sea in Egypt to landing on a glacier in Alaska, my photos chronicle the spectacular art of God. They also act as backdrops for truly inspirational words.

God's True Love

The most important thing is to know that God has love for each and every one of us. He uses us to pass on that love. It's my wish that God’s love is passed on from my heart to yours when you read this Book. Let God Love others though you, and let others Love you though God...

My Message is iLOVE

iTune eBook

Everyone Deserves To Be Loved In A Way That Makes Them Forget That Thier Heart Was Ever Broken

Flip through my Book to find a little hope, joy, inspiration, and love in the world.

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