This is one of those books to keep by your night stand (or keep your Kindle near your night stand) and revisit a page or two each night. At the end of the day, re-reading a page or just taking in the beautiful photography can put both good and bad days in perspective. The images and words will unwind your mind and lighten almost any burden as well as enhance the appreciation of a day well spent. The images and words never get old. It's very likely you will find new meaning each time you re-read the words and discover new details in each picture. This is also one of those books that is an ideal eBook as the pictures are probably done the most justice when experienced digitally. These are also good images and thoughts to share with friends and family, there is something in here that can apply to everyone! Highly recommended as a purchase that can be enjoyed over and over!

- Cheryl A.

A great collection of beautiful pictures and Godly wisdom.
Truly remarkable to see how the Lord has blessed him.
I'm looking forward to seeing where his journey takes him next.

 - Brad R.

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